About Elizabeth


   A self-taught artist who was born with 96  percent hearing loss, Elizabeth sees the beauty around her and expresses it through her art. She teaches art classes at Studio on Linden, where she helps others find the artist in themselves, too. Elizabeth grew up in Birmingham, then moved to Gainesville, GA to attend school at Brenau College. She met her husband in Gainesville and they started a family together, before moving back to Birmingham in 1996 where she began working at her mom's shop- The Cook Store of Mountain Brook. But she really wanted to pursue her first love, working with clay. So with her husband's full support, she took off to Atlanta and purchased a kiln, a thousand pounds of clay, tools, and glazes. "To imagine working with a block of clay to create something beautiful is so rewarding, it's kind of like life to me. You have total control, but you really do not know how the finished look will turn out. Every piece is truly unique."

   Elizabeth's hearing loss plays a big part in her story and who she is. She sees her hearing loss as a way to motivate herself to push even harder to succeed and tries to instill her imperfections into her artwork. She takes the same approach with kids in her art classes, telling them never to make fun of other people's artwork because it comes from the heart. One of the quotes that truly inspires Elizabeth in her work is by Helen Keller, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

   Elizabeth's favorite medium is Raku pottery, although every medium she works with inspires her to teach children's painting classes at her studio. "I love watching the kids create awesome paintings and seeing the excitement on their faces when they complete one. I'm always stressing to the kids to try new things, add more paint to create texture, do not be afraid to mix colors and just go with it. They are fearless. Hopefully, the lessons learned in art will help them later in life. As adults, we can learn so much from them; I know I have."